2017 is starting..  πŸ”Έ12 of 365, whats your best blessings so far? Small or Big , blessings counts equal.. Heres one of my favorite qoute picks : 🌟Be grateful for who you are and whatever you have. Everything you have is a gift from God. -Rick Warren - What On Earth Am I Here for? … Continue reading Blessings



How to work?.. How can get rid of disappointment? To be Numb? To Just keep in denying it? Just really hard ... Stop Caring so you wont be Hurt anymore!! Its a choice.


Oftentimes you understand. Oftentimes is okay. Oftentimes you allow. Oftentimes you accept. Oftentimes your You. Oftentimes your strangers. Oftentimes. Always. Leaving with No choice. #luckyYou #JustSaying #TooGood #LifeIsThis