Saucy Pork Giniling with Pineapple

Its not everyday that im in a mood to cook, today.. i think of something to do and ask my father in law that i can do the cooking today..  Go porky.. something.. I want to share this recipes, its not a new recipe but its maj style. In just 1hr & 30minutes youll have … Continue reading Saucy Pork Giniling with Pineapple


Soup to Love

We have tried Pork Sinigang but just curious of trying this with a Fish...and didn't expect that this would be GOOD too.. Promise! Getting a Mango soup is also a MUST TRY! INGREDIENTS: 1 cup kangkong leaves 1 pack MAGGI® SINIGANG GREEN MANGO SURPRISE MIX 2 pcs green chili 2 pcs tomato, quartered 1 pc … Continue reading Soup to Love

Choco Leche Flan

  I cant really deny that i love this dessert.. so much!! and to give it a twist.. i tried making it with a little more sweetness.. Chocolate anyone? This is classic dessert who always standout in any sweets to offer. Even little kids will definitely love this! Creme Cramel - in French, Custard in many countries, … Continue reading Choco Leche Flan

1st Birthday Giveaway

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Mirriam Dictionary

While other people sing “Wake me up when September ends”, here I am partying. Hooray for birth month!!! 🎂  To thank all of you for your constant support to Mirriam Dictionary, I am giving away Basique Scents & Fragrances’ best seller perfumes to 3 lucky followers! I told you, it’s a party 😉

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