Whats your reason of Sleepless Nights?

Overtime Work
Thinking of things? Or someone?
Feeling Hungry?
Many of it.. name it..

Mine at this moment…….
Baby bump!
Sleepless nights starts here.. plus when you give birth..
another truthfully Sleepless nights..

But whatever you may call it..
there is still one good for it..
it gives you more reason to stay awake because you know that someone is more than enough reason for a Sleepless Nights!!

Who really cares for eyebags? Hehehe..

Motherhood always comes with these Words.. unlimited ..
Sleepless nights..
who's agree with me?

My Aid:
I read books.
I go surf online.
I write..
And Milk..Milk.. Milk…

Share your ideas to aid Sleppless nights.. i would love to hear your thoughts..

Goodnight Mommies.
Another journey will come..



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