My Junior Kinder 1st Exposure Trip – Nutrition Month #CILA
Meeting Place : Waltermart , Makati
Date: July 21, 2017
Assembly Time: 9:30am
Activity starts at 10:00 to 3:30 Pm

In Celebration for Nutrition Month:
” Healthy eating and good nutrition ”

1st Stop -Waltermart Supermarket, 2nd Flr
2nd Stop -Karate Kid (Lunch) , Ground Flr
3rd Stop -Caeg-Ples Dental Clinic, 3rd Flr
4th Stop-Expressions, 3rd Flr
5th Stop -The Medical City, 3rd Flr
6th Stop – Waltermart Dept Store, 3rd Flr
7th & Last Stop – TIMEZONE, 5th Flr

Plus BONUS!! 1 more Stop for our kiddos – and because they requested it! KIDZOOONA

What to expect?
Aside from getting you so tiring.. expect that your kids can be so very active because they have their classmates,, chasing them.. thats one thing kids do.. You will get your throat practice from yelling at them (hahaha!)
but.. the nicest thing about it.. you get to bond with your kids while their learning.. and get to know other mommies too.
School is a whole lot of fun form them plus exploring outside the school is much more exciting to them!!

(From Left – Gab, Gabby, Roczi, Princ, Bennet & Athan)
(From Left: Momy Wella, Princ, Gaby, Mommy Khristel, Mommy Che, Ash , Roczi & Mommy)
A very tiring day but was indeed a success. We’re happy seeing our little ones happy.. What can be more rewarding than this? Agree mommies?




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