Every child dream of becoming a doctor, an engineer, a chef, an artist, a Model..

as early as 3y/o, He already been active in a GO SEE, VTR, Casting, or even just in a Simple Photoshoot..

From a very shy little man.. to a very confident not as big man..He is only 5 year old now, 

I see and Watched him grow up.. Mackenzie Ace

How can you really tell kids love what they do? One of the things to be consider.. of course.. count his very patient Mommy Rica..

Being able to achieve what you want, you have to work for it..

Time waiting.. Time counting.. but to tell you.. all worth it.

Its not really about getting paid off from these but it is really the experience that every kid will have while their growing up..

And Seeing them enjoy .. as what his mommy always says

 ” just seeing him Smile in every activity .. nothing to worry and that makes me Happy more too! ”

Go See (Abs-Cbn Pasion de amor at 2015)

VTR, Front Media Ent. Agency-2015

Part of KB SHOW, Babol Bulilit-2015

AMODELS, 2015 up to Present

At Farmers Plaza -2015, With his Kuya Jedd Collin

——Proudly being part of a fashion show for a Cause at 2016

iManageU, Asian Academy of Television Arts, My Fame and Fortune, 2016

VTR at GMA,7 – 2016 (credit to PFR)

SM RUNWAY TWINNING, 2016 with my Bff Pauline & Reiden

Mossimo Casting Call, 2016

A Wim Rumbuau Photography, 2016

Las Regalias Fashion Show – By Isabel Veronica Events, 2016

A. Zarabbi Kids Fashion Show, 2016

UKG halloween Special with BFF, 2016

First Soco (ABS-CBN) Experience last Oct15, 2016 – Traffic Enforcer, He played as the youngest son

SM Events, 2016

First taping of The Better Half in ABS-Cbn after Showtime as one of the Regular Student, 2016 (with my bff kids & #momazingkidsclub)

SM Manila, Candy Christmas 2016

Grand Christmas Parade, with the BFF kids – SM Sta Mesa 2016

Feast of 3 Kings, 2017

First Intl AVP Shoot with JADINE, Small Part means a lot of Big Experience to count. 2017

Aired Dec5, 2016 The Better Half (ABS-CBN) right after Its Showtime

Aired second set on March6, Watch Videos here: https://www.facebook.com/momazingkidsclub/videos/277252766030536/

Another blessings to count, part of a Bath Soap TVC, watch out soon..

Being a kid who only know and wants to play but also doing a great job in School. He still manage to excel with his academics.

 What is more rewarding than this? 

Proud to be one of the Main MemberS of MOMAZINGKIDS Club 🔸http://www.facebook.com/momazingkidsclub

A kid is always a Kid, it is still important that we should prioritize school and what they LOVE because at the end of the day.. 

They matter, it matters How you brought them up to be the better person as they can be.A Very Proud Parents

Many more to come to watch out with MACKENZIE ACE,

Follow him on Social Media: ➡️http://instagram.com/princezie ➡️https://m.facebook.com/theprincecharmingzie/


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