Celebrating Valentines day this Year?

Just a simple celebration before the 14th, my daughter made her daddy a valentine card (with mommys help of course hehehe)

I received a cake from my hubby & a pouch Heart of Polvoron for our lilttle Roczi

A Piece of This Polvoron means a Lot of LOVE.

For My Boo & Baby Roczi,

I Love you both, I am the luckiest of Having you.. 

You’re my Forever and Always VALENTINES❤

Indeed Happy , because no Matter how big or small it is, its always the thought that counts.

We didnt had Dinner date or movie, really a simple celebration of Love.. 

but what makes really a Happy Valentines for me?

A simple Token that He remembers, a Love Greetings and Having Him in our Life is too more than enough..

We spend Valentines Everyday.

Happy Hearts everyone. 💕

How did you spent your Valentines? 

xoxo, maj


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