Jan 29, just an ordinary day but an extra ordinary moment..

what’s the plan? My mind keeps bugging me.. a bit excited.. hmmm… feel’s like my 18th .. ( just kidding)

Since i became a mom myself, i dont celebrate anymore because , birthdays or celebrations is just for kids.. This day is for my little girl to celebrate.. its Babba’s day.. my birthday – our Family day.

Waking up in the morning with these two lovies greeting me a “happiest birthday mommy”

what more can i asked for?! i already blessed with the greatest gift in the world…

did i blow the candle?.. Roczi did!

And the best moment.. getting a special treatment..like a Queen..

hubby cooked for the birthday girl.. a simple celebration starts at home with these:

Yay! Starting this day so bright and happy.. and as planned .. mommy’s day is Babba’s day,

At 2pm we’d go to SMX, MOA to met my Twin sister (ooopps.. bdw, its not just my birthday., its also my twin sister’s birthday … yes! You heard it… and we’re identical) see photo’s below;

#FranZie #cousins

can you tell where am i? hihihi..

 goin’ on…She’s with her Family too, hubby Marco & son Mackenzie (photos below)

We planned to celebrate our 35th in SMART kids Asia Philippines Educational Kids Fair #smartkidsPH and were sure that our kiddos will definitely enjoy here..

Thank you for my sister for giving us an extra tickets thats she won.

A lot of participants who joined.. from Kidzooona, Nido 3+ & Fortigrow, Nesfruta, Sunlife Inc., SkyRanch, Disney Art Attack, Skippy, Crayola and a lot more..

My 3y/o did enjoyed with her pictures and the mascot that she saw… with her bff minnie of course..
A bit tiring but really fun .. we got freebies and souvenirs ..

We will look forward for the next event of SKAP next year.

My 35th birthday is one of the memorable moments i will keep ..

im another year older but i feel more younger.. celebrating this special day with families around. It doesnt really matter how celebrations can be “grandest” or “simplest” but it is how you spent and celebrate it.. indeed, im Happy and contented. Its a Blessings!

 a Happiest Birthday to me!

Thank You Papa God For Everything.


Maj #my35th


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