2017 is starting.. 

🔸12 of 365, whats your best blessings so far?

Small or Big , blessings counts equal..

Heres one of my favorite qoute picks :
🌟Be grateful for who you are and whatever you have. Everything you have is a gift from God. -Rick Warren – What On Earth Am I Here for?

🌟It is God’s will to bless us, but not necessarily on our terms. Sometimes what we think would be a wonderful blessing would not bless us at all. -Joyce Meyers, Be Anxious For Nothing

🌟Confidently receive God’s abundant blessings. Think abundance, prosperity, and the best of everything. -Norman Vincent Peale – Have A Great Day

🌟In gratitude for God’s gift of life to us we should share that gift with others. The art of giving encompasses many areas. It is an outgoing, overflowing way of life. -Wilferd A. Peterson, The Art of Living Treasure Chest

🌟Live a life of gratitude, giving thanks in all circumstances. -Mary C. Neal, MD, To Heaven and Back

🌟Always count your blessings and thank God for all that you have. -Catherine Pulsifer

🌟Being grateful for the life you have and the many blessings, opportunities, and talents you possess is an amazing way to open your heart and mind to the truth that your are valuable.-Vinnie Fisher, The Best Investment: A Better You

🌟Desiring what others have keeps us from being personally grateful for God’s many blessings.-Lilliet Garrison, Getting Unstuck

🌟Where has God blessed you? Thank God for the gifts He lavishes us upon us. -Kathryn Shirey, Pray Deep for Advent

Blessings comes in different ways, whatever it is.. still reminds us that ” GOD is Good All the Time ”



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