Anyone knows Peppa Pig?

Peppa, George, Mommy Pig & Daddy Pig, GrandPa Pig, GrandMa Pig

And with friends Candy Cat, Pedro Sheep, Rebecca Rabbit, Dani Dog

I know them a lil because as a mommy.. its important to know your kiddo’s activity.. 

watch she watched, she do, she likes.. and she LOVES..

As a mommy too.. its nothing surprise that you may also familiar with these cartoons.. 😊 when they watch — they want you to watch with them too!!

Thats our bonding moment with our ROCZI.. to be able to join her and tell her things she doesnt understand..
just this week SM MAKATI organized a Facebook promo wherein you will get to have a chance to win a Pass for Peppa Pig Meet & Greet..

And luckily.. we are one of those 50 winners and to add up .. my nephew (Mackenzie) got one too.. so excited to join here.. 

We arrived at SM by 10:45 and head right away to Payment Center at second floor (SM MAKATI) to claim the Ticket we won and hurrily goes up to Third Floor for the Venue.

A long queue.. but its really nice to see those kids – – so excited waiting for Peppa to appear.

October 16,2016 11:00-11:30am




For little kiddos like my girl and my nephew (Mackenzie) its an opportunity and a great experience  .. this is one of those memorable moments for our little ones and for us too (kids at heart)

A kind of Happiness that you can never trade for anything.

Really Thank You to SM MAKATI ( for this awesome experience. 

Sunday is much well spent with Peppa Pig Meet and Greet and indeed a special FAMILY DAY. 😍

Lots of LOVE!❤️



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