Im Not Really a blogger, not even a writer. I am just a mommy with a simple life who just love to express my thoughts in writing. 

I never brag about anything. 

I never. 

Its always my Humility i always keep, thats what my family has taught me.

Whatever you have in life. Never forget to say “Thank You”

And No matter what happened it is still How you treated them that matters.. that whatever comes a long your way.. the fact that you never said bad things about people never treated them differently. 

And whatever you reacted to the situation based on How the people treated you.

I had heard a lot. I had witnessed even more. That will never change in you. You keep on doing that to everybody- 

” That makes Who You are. ”

Everything or anything has a purpose.. as long as i know that i never trampled someone.. I loved and continue what i do.

I never expect that many people will read what i posted. If there is– i’ll be happy and glad but if there’s None. It is still okay, i still Smile and continue writing..

What is really important.. it makes me feel Happy about it.. it makes me feel really good sharing my recipes through videos.. or even just a simple Notes on it. Sharing the happiest moment in my life. The cutest photo of my Family & Friends.

I just want to express what i feel.. 

Realizin’ that you may Do good or Bad .. you cant still avoid that people may still say something about you.. 

sounds unfair ? but.. does it matter to me?

NO. because i dont owe them anything. As long as i have my Families Support 100% ! 

I feel 100% proud.

And knowing that there is still some Good people . True People like..:

✔️Someone says i make them Smile.

✔️Someone i helped.

✔️Someone i inspired.

✔️Someone i encouraged.

✔️Someone i touched Life.

Without any Hesitations..

That is more than enough and Thank You 😊 

I am Maj.

A Humble Daughter.

A simple Friend.

A Very Proud and Luckiest Wife & Mom.


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