I cant really deny that i love this dessert.. so much!! and to give it a twist.. i tried making it with a little more sweetness.. Chocolate anyone?

This is classic dessert who always standout in any sweets to offer. Even little kids will definitely love this!

Creme Cramel – in French, Custard in many countries, and the famous Leche Flan in the Philippines. a Pinoy Dessert of all time.

its like a Crème brûlée , a baked custard made with sugar and thickened with egg yolks but with cream


Caramelized sugar
7 egg yolks
100 g sugar
1 Big can evaporated milk
1 can condensed Milk
Drops of Vanilla Extract
1 cup of chocolate syrup (hershey) – but you can also use any chocolate syrup


Prep: 15min › Cook: 1hr › Ready in: 1hr15min

Line llanera or leche plan mold with caramelized sugar.
Mix egg yolks, condensed, evaporated milk and gently mix, not beat, until yolks are all broken and blended.

You may now add the Chocolate syrup and continously mixing it
Pour this mixture into the mold
Place this mold into a larger pan filled with water.
Steam for 45mins – 1hr or until the mixture is firm.
Videos below 😊



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