Joining a Giveaway online (IG, twitter, Facebook) is a matter of Luck.

If its meant for you. Its meant for you. But joining doesnt always have to expect of winning..

You may lost.. Many times than winning. But most importantly.. Win or Lost. You did your best effort and you enjoy it at the same time. Its part of the game.

Joining Mommy Pehpot’s recent giveaway (Share & Like) #MommyPehpotGiveaway

Didnt really expect to win here 😊 but still hoping to win because Lotus Biscoff is my daughters favorite biscuit.

And to my surprise :

ig winns.jpg

Sept 1 2:46 PM, We got our Prize


A challenge to make Crema De Fruta using (IG: @lotusbiscoffph) i thought at first that it will goin to be hard but.. Trying it .. On hand.. Its just really easy..

Im really glad & its such a Blessing that (IG: @mommypehpot) picked me to be 1 of her winners from her previous Giveaway.

Thank You for the recipe. I made a lil add-ons. 😊 Taste guaranteed! Biscoff makes it more creamier ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Hubby Enjoys it too.

❣Lotus Biscoff Crema De Fruta❣

We will need:

  1. 7 eggs (instead of 10, make a less mixture base on the tray im going to use)
  2. 1 can DAISY condensed
  3. 2 nestle cream
  4. 1/4 DARI Creme butter
  5. 1 can SEASONS fruit cocktail
  6. 1 sachet ALSA Crystal Gelatin
  7. 1 1452/44 Aluminum Tray
  8. 30 pieces of LOTUS BISCOFF
  • You should too try this.
  • Really Good
  • Look for more #Biscoveries #Lotusbiscoff
  •  #majcooking

Watch video here for complete procedure:

Post me a comment.


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