Just a month before this ..

Already excited to attend here for our little girl. And Her knowing that Paw Patrol & Shopkins and a lot more gets even more excited and shes talking about it everyday.

Finally, the wait is over

Sunday at 1:00pm heading to Smx Convention Pasay, its definitely an extra super fun family day will be..

Our little girl enjoys so much.

She cant even decide where to go first because all of them is her Favorite.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Its indeed a Memorable Expo for Kids & Kids at Heart. 😊

Its a bit tiring but all worth it.

A lot of Toys to choose from – Lego, Disney Character, Gundam, Mega Bloks and a Lot more..

  • Toy Kingdom Toy Expo
  • August21,2016 (Sunday)
  • 2nd Floor – Smx Convention Center Pasay City (Philippines)
  • Free Admission

Lets Go!

Just approaching the entrance at the lobby and already smiling to see Pinkie Pie of Little Pony.

And photos coming..

Happiness cannot hide

All booth got their toy display and not only that they have toys – kids can play there too..

And lastly a more lotta fun getting this Insta Prints were in you have to post photos in IG & get to have your copies from Toy Kingdom

Thank You for this Souvenirs 😊

Its really worth the wait 👍🏻

We are looking forward for next year’s #TKToyExpo2017


Website: http://www.toykingdom.ph

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ToyKingdomPH/


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