Rain never stops – Its been like weeks with this..

Laundry is hang up, other activities had been cancelled too, you got to limit other errands. Its a little hard to so stuff outside when it keeps raining.. 

… but Theres one thing we cant.. Family day on Sunday never will.. Because thats our only time to get bond.

Daddy has to work and sunday is just the only day that babba gets to  have a kulitan and moment time with daddy

Lets go to the Mall (in Glorietta)

Hand in hand with my little girl

Right here will Grab some food, we are heading to our favorite “mexicali” im super craving — havent eat there for almost a mos.

Its also daddy’s Post Birthday celeb (last Aug10) & a simple celebration (Aug14) for Mama Baby birthday too.

Grab Some 🍽

attend A Mass in Greenbelt & have a walk with my two loves ❤️❤️❤️

I just love the view of Paseo de roxas, its in our way to landmark and drop by here (see photos)

Moments for me is Priceless.

Every moment should be cherish and Love..

Because these.. These moment of us happens only once it may happen again same itinerary but some actions and more on feelings that you felt in this right moment will be just No duplicate for whatsoever. Just One Moment every time. 

I treasure every moment with them everyday and i am so thankful every sec for God for giving my Loves to me and got to share all of this – Priceless ❤️

Our little girl is just 3y/o and we want her to have a Happy Environment. A joyful childhood with us around her. That is one thing we cant take away from them. When their happy.. Their happy.. Kiddos shows everything what their heart felt. I am so so happy too see her enjoy very moment..

Till next time lovey.. Keep Safe Everyone. Thank you for reading my blogs. Mwah! Mwah! 😘


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