Their is no better word how excited we are that our lttle girl is actually goin to start schooling..

She just turn 3 and shes in Nursery

Excited mommy here 😜

I dont know how would she react, if she will cry when we get there and will not let me go wait her in the waiting area.. Things like that popping in my mind..

Expect too much? Expect a little?

First day of School, i must say.. Kindda nervous..i felt like im the one whos goin there.. (Hehehe)

First day of school be like..

Surprisingly.. She did not cry at all or even got scared.. When she saw some kids.. She looks excited..

She didnt participate at first but later on .. She cant just stop jumping.. Shes enjoying it..

A memorable moment when she got to come out of the room and raise her hand with a Star on it.. Shes so Happy and excited to show me.Priceless Smile from your little one. #mommymoments

Second day, Gets more excited for school..

She got Color and tracing activity where in the teachers made them a temporary id.

With Name and she have to write with the help of her teacher of course..

When the class ended.. As fast as she goes out the room handed me her piece of paper (temp id)

And when i ask her “wheres your star anak?.. She looks at her hand and didnt see anything .. She got sad and said.. I didnt got a star mommy.. That was the first time i saw her looks frustrate? Sad? Cries.. She maybe wants to have it because she wanted me to show it..

I felt sad for her too.. And To cheer her up.. I quick said.. “Dont worry.. Even if you have no star anak, mom is proud of you.. Your good in school.. Thats okay with mom. Youll get better nexttime”

When got home.. I got to check on the paper that she gave me and was stopped and saw the STAR beside her work.. She got a star.. 

I called her and let her see it.. “See anak.. You got a star here.. And she smiles as BIG as she can.. I can see she really wants me to be proud of her..

Third day, Coloring day

Even more excited..another Star.

Fourth day,She were able to get her own baon in her bag..

Another happy Face for getting another star 😊

Fifth Day, her #OOTDIts her super meal day..

So i made my very own #bentobox (rice, nugget and a slices of Apple)Its a bit challenging preparing her this.. It was my first time to make this Special Bento box for my little girl. Wow!! Mom is so excited for this too!!! 

Another Very Good Star. Very Good Anak.. Mommy ao proud of you.

Having a child with a first time schooler.. Its a bit nervous.. A little speechless and Im so big excited.

I must say.. Kiddos now a days.. Their so advance.. So smart.. Theyve enjoy being at school.. Meet new kids anf got to play with them too.. School is really fun!! It is!! I feel Young 😊

Hoping my little Roczi will enjoy the rest of the year.. im an excited mom for my first time schooler kiddo.

Kids must not just have to learn but also they need to Enjoy too while learning.. Its a good way of creating something in their self and explore childhood that we will tell them someday when they grow up and can fully understand.

Any mom here got kiddos at first time in school too? I love to hear from you.


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