Theres no better comfort food than this..

Green Mango And Bagoong (a philippine condiments made of shrimp, pork bits, vinegar, salt, Catsup & sugar)

i think it can be called a Shrimp Paste.

It is really good in pairing with sour fruit. Mycravings didnt stop. Just this month. I totally had this weekly. Its crazy 😁

It doesnt matter whats the season is.. You can always have this.. Anytime you want. I swear πŸ‘πŸ»

And just today.. (So good 😊)

It says here that if you like eating this kind of food.. your an expectant mommy and experiencing “LIHI” – it is a cultural concept universal to Filipino’s.

I swear.. Im just craving.. I just liking it.. 😊

Do you also have Any other Shrimp Paste you like to share?.. Comment down. #majcooking


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