This is a Family Dessert Favorite.

Egg whites. Condensed milk.

Evaporated milk and Vanilla extract 😊

Just combined everything and stir.

Its easy as 1.2.3

Put in a Llanera with Caramelized sugar

My hubby requested this for weekend.. a happy cooking with my little helper (my 3y/o)

Cooking is a lot more fun having this little girl around.. A bit messy but its fine.. She wanna help for daddys Leche flan… Okay 😊 how can i refuse?!

After 30mins we have this creamy and homemade LECHE FLAN by request.

Leche Flan can also be in Squash Leche Flan or Banana Leche Flan

But for now, we want our favorite Old style Leche Flan

Hope Hubby likes it.

We love weekend.

Its family day 😊 its babba’s day

What do you cook on weekend?


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