SM City San Lazaro organized a Summer Workshop, My sister (Rica) invited us to be part of it. (thank you dear sister)

We took her First Activity, Paperclay Art Making..

A Hello Kitty Artwork .. A paper clay in a two container sprayed with water..

She enjoys it, but to be able to finish it fast.. i have to give a little help to finish it.

Being able to see here enjoying her time here is more fulfilling than having my own workshop.. hihihi .. In this workshop you may see your kiddo’s get a lot of excitement to try new things. Something Different to them. Something that they didn’t do at home.



Seeing here this happy.. a priceless moment i can remember when she grow up.. in time. Got to laugh with cousin (Kuya Zie) & new friends older (Ate Bella & Her Friend).


and whats more rewarding of all.. ?? She was able to get a FREE Cotton candy after the activity… and whats funny about it.. she just wanted to hold it than eat it.

Just happy that my little girl did enjoy this workshop.

All mommies out there.. Our little ones must enjoy in every moment in their childhood because when they grow up they may not able to remember everything  of it but deep in their heart they can felt it and also having us there — getting Photos and keep all the memories of their milestones.

Four more activities this summer .. soon…

My little Roczi’s have her Happy Childhood to cherish.

Chao for now. #IAmAHappyMommy #BeingAMomIsCool #SummerIsSoFun


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