A Filipino Dish.

A Filipino Favorites.

I Love this Recipe.
Its Healthy, Its Creamy.
i can relate with all moms having a problem with their kids getting cranky when it comes to VEGGIES (Gulay)
but.. this day. I never thought i wouldn’t have to beg my 2y/o to eat.
She loves it.. and for the first time..
i did feed her a Vegetables.. OMG!
its fulfilling being a mom .. and to see my little girl’s enjoying this recipe.
She cant Stop asking for more..
Thank You #KnorrPHDSC_0388.JPG DSC_0390.JPG

Do you also have the same issue with your kiddos? or Any recipe that is easy to give your toddler..who is starting to know food aside from their formula milk…. 

Share your Thoughts. I would love to hear it.

Chao for Now!

Watch our Videos too:    https://youtu.be/J_TCldBR4SU


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