I’ve thought of something to cook for a weekend..

Then i remember my husband’s favorite dish whenever we ate outside (restaurant, carinderia..)
its a bit hard to cook.. thats what i thought..
but..it tells me wrong,
its just as easy as 1..2..3.. its the simplest dish, indeed!

its best for cold days..
Let me share my very own recipe

Bulalo Recipe – A Filipino Dish

2 lbs beef shank
1 pc small cabbage
1 small Pechay
3 pcs Corn, cut
1 whole white onion
ounces water
2 tbsp fish sauce (optional)

In a big cooking pot, pour in water and bring to a boil
Put-in the beef shank followed by the onion and pepper
 then simmer for 1.5 hours (30 mins if using a pressure cooker) or until meat is tender.
Add the corn, potataoes, cabbage & fish sauce and simmer for another 10 minutes
Serve hot. Share and Enjoy!

Please Try this Bulalo recipe and let me know and share what you think.
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