I love making desserts… Candies, yema, leche flan, mango float, cheesecake, chocolate tart, oreo goodies.. Name it.

Who doesnt like sweets? Anyone?.. Its sinful. Hihihi.. Its something who have a sweet tooth, like me. Whenever i crave fo something, i made one.

My first dessert that i make seriously.. That i have to post it, 

  Mango Float in a Jar

 Otap and Cashew with Cream
  Frozen Banana with choco syrup & nips    A creamy Leche Flan to Welcome 2016

   Just for a simple day of cravings – Cashew Chocolate Tart

 For my little girl 2nd birthday – Chocolate Bragadeiro
   My hubby’s request for weekend – Mango Float in a Jar

For our 3 years wedding anniversay. 🎉 Tiramisu

It gives me a lot of fun. It clears my mind. Im enjoying it. It forgets you getting bored.

I make it with all the Love for my Loves. ❤️💋

Who did anyone of these?

Share your thoughts. Share me your recipes.


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