I am Maj.
A mother of a two year old girl named Roczi.
I used to work but i have to stop (just this February 2016) and be with her at home. Family should always be on top of everything, Right? Career is good. I am used of working for almost 15 years and im a bit still moving slowly.. priority has to changed. No regrets. No but’s.
I am a proud mom.. A housewife, a wife and im loving it.
I can still make my everyday routine as busy as if im still working outside.
My little girl makes me smile everyday.. Her super energetic act. She plays around the house with her toys. Singing, Dancing all she wants.. why should i get bored?.. How can i get bored?
One day, everybody will understand.
In life, you have to give up one thing for a most important thing.. That no amount of money can buy it. I would always says :
“its always been my family that i will never trade for anything” #priceless
If i have again to make a decision… This will still my choice.
I would want to see my little girl grow everyday and guide her growing up.

More to me..soon ☺️

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